‘Through fire, water, and copper pipes’ (Russian saying)

Dear Reader, thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you will find something interesting, maybe even inspiring. But at the same time, it was a sad story. If you want to contact me to find out more,  please fill in the form below. Or, you can comment on any of my posts after reading them. I will really appreciate any suggestions or advice. 

I’m Lucia, and these are my three girls, Katherine, Jessica, and Daniela (from left to right), very much loved by me. This photo was taken several years ago, but it was actually the only one I had with all my daughters (I don’t even remember who took it), and it was just the first year of our life in the UK, so I placed it here. Now, my girls are grownup women, the oldest one, Katie, married and has a son, Andrew, so, I’m a grandma already. 

Why did I decide to write this blog? Well, a few people told me, including my youngest daughter,  that I should write a book about my life experiences. But I always pushed that idea away. I don’t possess good writing skills (please excuse me for my lack of style, and English is my fourth language, but I write from my heart, honestly), and writing a book seemed an impossible task for me. Then, I thought, why don’t I try writing a blog instead? It doesn’t require a publisher’s approval after all. Another reason was that many people take life and all they possess for granted. For example, their wealthy parents may have provided everything for them, to have a good start in life. However, life is not always that easy, and other people have to fight their way through.

Life didn’t spare me from bad, or even horrible, experiences. What I was going through, together with my family, was a living hell at some points. I would say I’m a survivor, a fighter, as indeed, I had to fight for my own and my family’s place in this world. Being a refugee for many years, going from country to country with little kids, was very hard to bear. But I never gave up fighting, and didn’t lose hope. There was something that kept me going forward, and looking towards the future, rather than concentrating on what was going on around us. On many occasions I felt frustrated and depressed, and at time even had suicidal thoughts…

In the blog, I describe all events as they occurred, in their authenticity, in a chronological order, from the very start when I was born. It’s a self-written biography, I would say. As we lived in several countries, I decided to upload photos related to those countries, just to make the posts more interesting (I admit photos were taken from the Internet). I myself love looking at photos, I even studied photography. Actually, I studied so many things in my life, I’m a Scanner (found out about Scanners from my photography teacher), and have a passion for learning new things.  I would probably die studying something. Once I read about an organist who died at the church organ, at an old age; he didn’t stop playing even when he could barely do it.

I studied music for 17 years, starting from the age of 7, in a music academy first, then music college, then conservatoire. I learned to play accordion, piano, and classical/pipe organ, mastered music theory, solfège, and choir conducting. I developed very good sight-reading and sight-singing skills. I could open a music score, and could ‘hear’ how it sounded, and could sing a melody without touching a piano (I still have these skills). However, it was very difficult to make a decent living off music. So, I decided to enter IT industry (now I wonder why), and became Microsoft and Cisco certified professional, after having passed a whole lot of very challenging exams.

For several years, I tried to work for different IT service provider companies. I tried to do my best, worked hard, showed my commitment, was never late. If I didn’t know a piece of technology at workplace, I immediately went and learned it. I didn’t like not knowing something at work. In spite of my efforts, though, I could never fit in a team and a company culture. I was always the oldest, being in my 50s, and most of the time, the only female in a team. After a few months, I was let go, not being able to adapt. I realised age discrimination was wide spread among companies. However, no one would ever admit it. I was also frustrated with office politics, and people being quick to judge.

Finally, I came to the conclusion I needed to forget about employment altogether, and become a freelancer/start my own business. Maybe I wasn’t meant to be employed (I read this expression on some forum online, and it appealed to me). For some time I’ve been studying graphic design, web design, web development, and photography. I love creating things, and that’s why I write this blog. It’s created in WordPress, which I was also studying, together with PHP programming language. So, I put in use, what I learned, into this website.

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